What is above the line?

0.What is above the line?

In business, if your mentality is above the line, then you’re thinking in terms of Ownership, Accountability, in this way:


It’s your life and your business and you are the one who is in charge of its direction, and the routes you take to achieve your business and personal goals.


You are accountable for the results of your actions, and the success or failure of those actions is down to you.


You’re responsible for your role within your business, and making sure you do the tasks that form part of that role.

Business benefits of staying above the line

Ensuring that our mentality stays above the line as much as possible is one of the most important steps we can take as business owners.

Of course, nobody is perfect, and there are times when you’ll probably slip below the line, but it’s vital to remember that mentality affects everything that happens in your business, and your life.

When you accept that it’s your responsibility as a business owner to achieve our business goals, and that ultimately, you are both responsible and accountable for everything that happens in your business – then you’re on the road to success.

In practice, staying above the line will drive results, whereas slipping below the line will only give you reasons as to why you haven’t achieved your goals.

If you’re blaming others and making excuses, then it’s very likely that other people within your organisation will do the same. Similarly, if you’re leading by example and taking responsibility for your actions and the results, then your employees are more likely to follow suit.

How Coach Pam can help

Mentality, and how it affects our success in business and in life, is at the centre of our coaching method.

To take the first step towards building the business and the life you want, get in touch with Coach Pam for your free, no obligation coaching session today on 07540 888016.

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