Business Coaching For A Cause

iBusiness Coaching’s purpose is to work with successful entrepreneurs to ignite their personal and business growth to breakthrough to the next level. At a deeper level we believe better entrepreneurs build better businesses which then impacts their lives, their family, their employees and their families, their local, national and even global community. We believe business is the vehicle to solve the most intractable social problems, and we are not alone. Michael Porter, economist and research at Harvard Business School and one of the most influential business professors in history TED talk is titled: The Case For Letting Business Solve Social Problems.

Unfortunately today business is seen as the cause of many social issues and justifiably so with certain decisions made by the food, banking and pharmaceutical industry to name a few. However, current solutions haven’t been working. Whilst NGOs and other charities work hard there just aren’t the resources in order to solve these wicked problems at the scale needed.

Businesses on the other hand don’t use up resources, it combines them to create value (if it is well run). This value created can be reinvested in the business which allows for a scalable social impact.

This is why iBusiness Coaching is passionate about creating a world of super-entrepreneurs because the better they are, the better the business … the better the world.

However iBusiness Coaching is going a step further.

The company is committed to making all company activities have a direct social impact.

How will the company achieve this? 

iBusiness Coaching is a lifetime partner of B1G1 (Buy 1 Give 1). You can learn more about the charity by clicking here. In short, B1G1 provides a platform for linking business activity (usually sales) to giving impacts where 100% of the proceeds go to vetted charities around the world.

Giving Goals

iBusiness Coaching’s has two goals:

20,000,000 giving impacts by 2020

100,000,000 giving impacts through clients by 2020

Giving Activities

When you do business with iBusiness Coaching this is the impact you are having:

Every email you receive  = 30 people have access to drinking water for a day

Every seminar you attend = kick start an education

Every 1-1 coaching session = 1 day course to support a family

Every group coaching = support a child to attend pre school

Imagine a world where all businesses were doing this? This is the world we believe in. If you believe in it too you can find out more about becoming a B1G1 partner, meet with one of our coaches or attend a seminar.

Giving Impacts and Map To Date

And remember…

Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.

Margaret Mead

how can we help you?

Contact us at the iBusiness Coach office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

Hobson & Porter engaged Pam Featherstone in June 2015 to work with Hobson & Porter to develop and grow the business. There were several key elements which we wished to address and these centered around growth, profitability, systems and culture. Pam undertook one-to-one Coaching with myself and invited team members to various group coaching events and 90 day planning sessions.

Graham Beal
Managing Director , Hobson & Porter

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